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So, this past week I went to a japanese restaurant called Mikado, which is also the name of the main character in Durarara! Lol'd and ate some delicious food.

Also went to the Ice Festival here in my cit, was really pretty and they had a giant slide! I totally would have gone down that more if I hadn't been freezing already. It took us so long to find where it was too ;-;
On the same night we went to another restaurant called The Melting Pot, so freaking yummy. It's a fondue restaurant so I got to try a bunch of foods and with different types of fondue.

I feel bad though cause I ate some duck, I love ducks. In fact Eri brought me a present today that's a purple duck. It's my new favorite thing ever.

Other than that I've worked all week with brand new tills and everything is all screwed up and confusing and it's dumb lol

Anyways, good night now!

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I know, right? I meant to get pictures but kind of forgot about them when I actually got there, but I will be around there in like the middle of february so I'll go take some then.


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