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So my friend came over and got me a better Anti-virus thingy and it wouldn't work at first. Then we tried a Home Scan and that got rid of it. Took like 4 hours but it did it and we won.

The is my victory post. Stupid viruses. ALSO important note for those of you on Facebook, DO NOT click on anyones videos right now, that is where I picked up the virus in the first place. TTYAL ILU!

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SO it seems my regular compy has a virus that I am WAY too fucking lazy to deal with right now. So I have my computer shut down and will deal with it on monday. AVG didn't pick it up so I have to go and try something else.

So if I miss anything really important just message me or something and I'll go look at it. Will be looking into this virus on monday.

So what's up guys?

Small intoductory post,
So since I've added like a whole bunch of new people I decided that I would write up a few things about myself so people know me a little better ^^

I use a lot of emoticons, I know some people find these annoying but I think it's a great way to express what you truly feel through words. I don't know it might just be me >>;

I am a videogame nerd... I play a lot of different games, but not usually the ones that vriska doesn't. If that makes any sense lol I like RPGS, mainly Persona3/4, Tales of, you know those ones.

I like to cosplay, even if it's frustrating and hard to do sometimes. Still one of my favorite things at conventions is to be recognized as the character I am being at the time.

I can be a little obsessive over certain animes, characters, or games. So if I talk a lot about one of them I apologize right now if it annoys you.

Anime is a huge part of my life. I am really a BIG fan of Bleach, and Shugo Chara right now. I am pretty much willing to read or watch anything put in front of me though...

I'm very easy to get along with and I like it when people talk to me about things. If you are having a problem and need someone to vent to you can always message me on here...always. I have that option for all of my friends.

Other than that there's really nothing else... Anyways have fun!

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OMG YOU GUYS vriska hacked my journal and made our icons match. I love it!

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Stolen from vixey

meme time~Collapse )

Because curiosity kills the cat.
1. There are 30 questions.
2. Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits.
3. Answer one question with one name.
4. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme.

1. tsudere.
2. vriska.
3. No one actually I like where I am.
4. kneesocks
5. No one on here...
6. I dunno.
7. supafova.
8. supafova for sure!
9. glorious
10. starry_nights88
11. I dunno DX
12. vriska
13. Uguu... I dunno DX
14. vriska
15 dunno DX
16. supafova
17. myself.
18. No one
19. ninkasa
20. Uhhh dunno?
21. dunno.
22. dunno.
23. Myself.
24. No one on here I hope.
25. supafova. (I love you)
26. vriska.
27. kneesocks.
28. drivebywizard.
29. vriska.

Isn't my icon sexy?

Hey~ Today is my birthday~ I'm 21 now. Legal everywhere, scary. Anyways, the past two days have been of awesome!

I got:
A Code Geass bag that I have been wanting for months.
Delious dinner last night at East Side Marios (It's the Italian place here.)
$30 from my best friend. Which I used to buy some awesome black shorts to play ITG2 in.
Lys got me the cutest litrle change purse with a purple puppy in it. And a box of Purdy's (most delious chocolate ever) chocolate. The box is metal and it says Happy Birthday on it. It's cute okay.
A trip to the big mall, where I got to play some ITG2, which was awesome and fun! We also went to Chapters~
Also a million birthday wishes on DA.

While playing said ITG2, some girl in a grey hoodie walked past me and told me to lose weight. I wanted to yell "Why do you think I'm playing!" But you know... I didn't. Just kept on playing. But yeah today was awesome. Now I can't wait to finish my slushie go for a shower and go back to bed.

EDIT:OH GUYS! At Chapters there was this random group of people that were cosplaying. There was an Asch( Tales of the Abyss), A dude from Princess of tennis, Rinali from D-Grayman, and someone from Skies of Arcadia. They were looking at the Mangas and we came around the corner. Lys saw the guy and went "Hi Asch!" And the person from Prince of Tennis like died of laughter. It was amazing and awesome. They are going to go to Animethon in their Abyss cosplays so we said we would go as Peony and Nephry again~

On a random note, I think this is my longest journal entry that I have ever made about my life XD

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My personality type: the engaged idealist

That was quite a fun personality test.

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Hope you like them~

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